Graduating high school is a pretty big deal, we all know this, though some may argue it is expected not all kids earn the honor.


Did you know graduation ceremonies for Rockford Public Schools are no longer held inside BMO Harris Bank Center? The celebratory events rotate between Swanson Stadium at Guilford High School) and Wyeth Stadium at Auburn High School.

2022 RPS205 graduation ceremonies will be held daily at Swanson Stadium on the following dates:

ROOSEVELT: Friday, June 3


EAST: Monday, June 6


GUILFORD: Tuesday, June 7


AUBURN: Wednesday, June 8


JEFFERSON:Thursday, June 9

The only thing I really remember about celebrating my high school graduate is going to Old Chicago for dinner afterward. This was way back in 2001. I couldn't tell you if I was given money for graduation, I have no recollection.

This week the conversation in regards to what to give for a gift has come up in our office.

Graduation cap on money

How much money do you give a high school graduate as a gift?

First, why do we give cash gifts to high school graduates? Someone told me it goes towards college but says that is incorrect.

Think of your monetary contribution as something they can enjoy right away at dinner or to purchase something that is part of their hobby or interest.

I am completely clueless about this. I assumed it was a flat rate of $50, substantially more if you're a grandparent. Turns out that amount is way above the suggested amount, although the average amount is between $10-$300 depending on your relationship with the grad.

Acquaintances and colleagues are likely to give between $10-$20, friends give between $20-$30, family and relatives give $50-$100, and parents give between $100-$300.

$100-$300 from parents? I'm sure I didn't get $100+ from anyone.

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