Would you know immediately if your eyes are damaged from looking at the eclipse?

It's hard not to look at the sun, right?

So in case you're living under a rock, you know today is Eclipse Day.

About an hour ago, a bunch of us went outside to look at the eclipse.

The regular glasses that were given out weren't working because it was too cloudy, so we used welder's glasses.

So then the sun came out and suddenly the eclipse glasses were working, and the welder's glasses weren't... which is why I feel like my right eye is going to go blind.

Maybe I'm a hypochondriac, but still, if I did damage my eyes (or if you did) when does the damage occur?

According to NBC 5 Chicago, you don't know right away. C'mon eyeballs, now you're making me crazy!

If you have eye pain, light sensitivity, or loss of vision a few hours after exposing your eyes to the sun, you should go to a doctor.

Even if those symptoms don't appear for a few weeks, you should still go see a medical professional.

So there's a chance I'm ok, but there's still a chance that I have some damage. Hopefully I'm just crazy.

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