Dr. Norem joins the show every Monday morning at 7:05 to give us the latest on the coronavirus, COVID-19, and the vaccine rollout.

Dr. Norem has been joining us pretty much every week for over a year now. He was explaining things during last spring's lockdown, and he's been guiding us all the way through the pandemic. We learn something new from Dr. Norem every week and this week was no exception.

With Memorial Day last Monday, Dr. Norem had two week's worth of information to sift through before joining us this morning.

There is A LOT of good news concerning the virus and the waning days of the pandemic. Right here in Illinois, we are over the 50% vaccinated mark, and the entire state, Chicago included, will be fully open by this weekend. That, as Dr. Norem says, is an amazing feat, especially medically speaking, but socially as well. There have been many missteps and bad information dispersed by political factions of all colors the last 15 months, and we still developed and distributed multiple vaccines in under 18 months. That's amazing.

My favorite part of the interview was when Dr. Norem talked about one of the unintended benefits of the coronavirus. What we've learned about viruses in the last 15 months could lead to some pretty amazing breakthroughs that could change vaccines over the next decade. That includes more effective flu vaccines that could protect you for more than a year and maybe even a cancer vaccine that was thought to be cost-prohibitive when it was explored in the past.

All this because we were forced to think outside the box during a global emergency. Pretty neat.

Thanks again to Dr. Norem for his time. We look forward to talking to him again next week.

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