As a confessed gadget-geek, I thought this look at the future of interactive imaging was extremely cool. And, it doesn't look to be that far in the future, either.

From CNET:

There's virtual reality and augmented reality. Microsoft is imagining something similar, but not via a headset. Instead, this is an immersive holographic experience. Yes, the experience is called Windows Holographic, but it works via a device Microsoft calls the HoloLens, which debuted at Microsoft's Windows 10 event.


Microsoft's catchphrases are "blended" and "holograms." The idea is real-world pop-up immersive experiences, via -- yes -- a pair of goggles.


The immersive environments are meant to extend into the world around you. This is like what other companies such as Magic Leap are trying to achieve, but Microsoft's product looks like the first polished type of immersive, full-3D augmented-reality headset we've seen.


This is augmented reality, in a nutshell: not a closed-off world, but a world that blends with the world around you. Microsoft wants to call the experience holographic. But these images come from a pair of goggles: they're not projected into the actual room.


According to those in the know, the HoloLens will be available in "The Windows 10 time frame," and, as of yet, no price point has been publicly discussed.

Here's more on the HoloLens:

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