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New Movie Releases: August 2016
After a pretty disappointing summer, our hopes are high (but not, like, too high) for August to swoop in and deliver at least one or two entertaining blockbusters before the season ends. Fueling that optimism is the release of Suicide Squad, David Ayer’s comic book villain team-up that promises to inject a little fun in the DC movie universe. Next month also brings a new stop-motion adventure from Laika, an R-rated animated movie about talking food (you know, for the grown-ups) and Meryl Streep’s latest Oscars power play. Read on for our complete guide to next month’s new movie releases.
15 Facts You Need to Know About the Rockford Town Fair
Since most people who work at radio stations are basically still kids at heart, we're so excited around here for the upcoming Rockford Town Fair that we keep checking our countdown clock (22 days, 1 hour, 2 minutes, and 39, 38, 37, seconds) for the fair's opening.
New Movie Releases: June 2016
In case you didn’t get enough inspiration from our list of the 20 films you absolutely must see this summer, then perhaps our guide to June’s new movie releases will give you a few more ideas. Next months brings sequels to Independence Day, The Conjuring and Now You See Me, a new Pixar film, and a comedy from the Lonely Island trio. And that’s only half of it. Did we mention Daniel Radcliffe’s magical farting corpse? That’s something you definitely do not want to miss (and we say that sincerely).
Alpine Kiwanis Brat Days Coming Soon
There are certain events that you just can't have summer without. Chief among those events is Alpine Kiwanis Brat Days, coming up Friday, July 17th, and Saturday, July 18th. The Alpine Kiwanis will be celebrating "Over 40 Years of Giving...
Holograms May Soon be Part of Your Life
As a confessed gadget-geek, I thought this look at the future of interactive imaging was extremely cool. And, it doesn't look to be that far in the future, either. From CNET: There's virtual reality and augmented reality. Microsoft is imagining something similar, but not via a headset...