I'm tired of all the cop bashing. I'm tired of reading stories about cops being denied service at restaurants. I'm tired of cops being blamed for the exceedingly bad choices that other people make. And, I'm sickened by those who cheer on and celebrate cops being killed. I don't even want to get started on those who openly hate and denigrate the police, only to run to them when there's trouble, looking for help. 

My brother-in-law, a first rate guy, is a detective here in Rockford, and I have several friends who are also cops. All of them are good, solid, dependable people who have given, and continue to give their very best efforts to protect and serve.

When some video of police activity surfaces, especially if it paints the police in a bad light, there seems to be a media stampede to air the video and then, rush to judgement. And, as we have often seen, the facts are discarded, and emotion rules the day.

The incident in the video below didn't happen here in Rockford, but it has in the past. I wonder why things like this don't get nearly as much play as some of the events of the past have gotten. Is it because saving someone's life isn't as interesting or agenda-driving as an officer-involved shooting?

This is officer Chase Miller, of the Granbury, Texas police department, and just another day on the job:

Another lesson to be learned here might be the value of knowing CPR. If you're interested in learning how to save a life:

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