Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd.

There's baseball - then there's Chicago Cubs baseball. The atmosphere, the stadium, the history, it's all just so iconic and incredible.

I've been to a few Cubs games in my life, but I've never witnessed a cup snake in person. If you don't know what a cup snake is, here's an example.

Pretty self explanatory - stack the cups, make a snake. BAM - cup snake.

But to make a snake that long, Cubs fans need to drink A LOT of beer. Which, isn't necessarily hard for Cubs fans, the hard part is coming together as a crowd to stack them and then not break the coveted stack.

One Twitter used asked, "Who the hell wants to stand there and hold a long snake of gross, used beer cups?" Well, sir, I'm here to answer that question. Cubs fans.

This person has clearly never been to a game at Wrigley. He doesn't understand the level of savagery that Chicago Cubs fans can reach. When they have a goal, they all band together to make sure that goal is accomplished.

So, how much does it actually cost when you have a completed cup snake? Here's the math broken down.

Wow, just wow. This angle of the snake is hilarious. The arial views really show how giant these things can get.

Some people online are really upset about the concept, but I think it's hilarious. How many times do you actually see strangers come together to complete a task? It's rare, but at Wrigley, it's tradition.


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