When I say "TP the Rockford Rescue Mission," I don't mean in the traditional middle-of-the-night-sneak-attack-covering-trees-and-shrubs kind of way.

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The above photo falls into the "pranking" category, not the "helping" category.

What I mean by TP the Rockford Rescue Mission is: head to YouGiveGoods.com and help them help the Rescue Mission by restocking their toilet paper supplies.

The Rockford Rescue Mission goes through 1,200 rolls of toilet paper per month and is currently down to less than a week’s supply. Toilet paper is an essential item often taken for granted, but for the individuals in need at the Mission, it is something that may not always be readily available.

Through the month of April, just go to YouGiveGoods.com, click the "Shop Now" button, and purchase the amount of toilet paper you would like to donate. You'll receive a tax receipt via email upon making your purchase, and the toilet paper will be delivered to the Rockford Rescue Mission at the end of the TP drive.

A couple of clicks, and you're helping the Rockford Rescue Mission. It's just that easy.

Click here to learn more or make your purchase.

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