If you're someone who likes to stay home and avoid having fun, this probably won't effect you.

However, for the rest of the people who like to get out, a brand new amusement tax is in the works in Rockford.

While a 5% increase on movie tickets, sporting events, and other kids related activities might not seem like a lot, it will certainly add up.

Just guessing here but I believe the amusement tax will be very similar to Chicago's own which includes taxes on:

5% of charges paid for certain live theatrical, musical, and other live cultural performances held in an auditorium, theater, or other space whose maximum capacity (including balconies) is more than 750 persons."

According to WIFR, the 5% "tax will help the city balance its budget by generating $250,000 a year" and "city council will vote on the implementation of the tax next month."

Maybe the homebodies of Rockford have the right idea, and I guess we should all take a cue from them. Let's all stay home and watch Netflix, oh wait.

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