When you walk into this cemetery in Rockton, you notice this gravesite from quite a ways away. It looks unique, it's surrounded by a steal gate, and people will leave children's gifts.


As the legend goes, the woman was deemed a witch by the townspeople. C'mon Rockton, you're better than this. She had this baby out of wedlock and the child died of "mysterious causes."  What could that be...


This grave is surrounded by fencing, but why??? To stop vandals? Animals? Or is this simply a haunted gravesite that we should stay away from?

path in dark and scary forest

There are some seriously creepy vibes when you walk into the cemetery, the look alone is pretty disturbing. Check out this video:


"When I was a teenager, my girlfriend, her mother, and I decided to check out the witches baby's grave that we had heard so much about. I will never forget the feeling of loneliness and sadness when walking up to this imprisoned grave." - Clarissa/Rockton

There is for a sure a "vibe" when you approach the site, it's quite chilling. To find this in Rockton, get to the cemetery near the library, follow the first path to your left and it's about halfway to the river on your right side. You will for sure notice the site, it sticks out on his own.

I'll leave this story with a final quote from the website GhostVillage

"The one comforting thing about the whole experience was the smallest patch of pink flowers that grew in the center of the gated grave. We got back into the car, put our seatbelts on and drove away. My friend, who sat in the backseat looked down at her flower. All of a sudden the pretty pink flower and the car was filled with tons of gnats and other tiny bugs." - Clarissa/Rockton 

What. In. The. Hell.




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