This is one of those days that Cub fans probably remember where they were when they heard the news. 

I was a freshman in college and vividly remember where I was. I was sitting in the apartment of a friend who got the news from AOL. We just sat there and traded Harry Caray memories.

My favorite memory was a story that Bill Murray told. In the 80s Harry had some medical issues that sidelined him for part of the season. The Cubs had a rotation of "Celebrity" announcers that filled the role that season. Bill Murray was one of those celebrities. He said that when he got to the booth he found a little mini-fridge next to Harry's seat that was filled with Old Styles. Murray said "It was like finding out that Santa Claus was real."

Was Harry the best broadcaster? No. But he was the perfect distraction to a less than great chapter of Cub on-field performance.

Hopefully, the Cubs will do away with the guest conductor for the 7th inning stretch soon and replace it with Harry singing on the Jumbotron.

RIP Harry and have a cold one in heaven.

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