Happy Hour should be a very enjoyable time indulging in cocktails with your besties.  After you see what this Illinois restaurant serves their cocktails in, you won't be going back to normal glassware.

I don't drink often.  When I do drink, a whole different personality comes out of me - it's a pretty fun persona, though, if I do say so myself.  Drinking should be fun, too!  Why not drink in style with unique glassware to hold your delicious cocktail?


There's a restaurant in Chicago, Illinois called Machine.  It's called that for a very GOOD reason.  Their glassware is so pleasing to hold, look at, and to drink from!

Machine not only has beautifully sculpted cocktails, they offer brunch, cocktail workshops, a full service floral shop, and so much more!

Before I show you all the delicious cocktails Machine offers, the ambience in the restaurant is incredible.  It's such a romantic vibe that I'd be thrilled to go to.

Okay, so one of my favorite cocktails on their menu is this 'Be Humble' cocktail served in a classic panda bear glass!  It's mixed with ming river baijiu, koloa coconut rum, lavender, & lime.

Don't even get me started on this massive cocktail.  Look at the size of this thing!  It can serve 2-4 people, but I guarantee I'd devour the entire bottle alone & then sneak it home in my purse, too.

This cocktail is named Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It's mixed with new Amsterdam gin, watermelon, blackberry, blueberry, lemon, and a pink rose!

Ladies, these would look adorable in your Insta photos!

The Firebird consists of vodka, strawberry purée, lemon & Caged & Infused has gin, maraschino, lemongrass, lemon, violet candy.  YUMMMMM!

Finally, a mushroom cocktail glass? SAY LESS!  This is the perfect time to reference the famous TikTok line, "You're coming home with ME!"

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Wait 'til you hear what's served with the Fear and Loathing cocktail, it sounds DIVINE: milk punch, ancient lemon oleo saccharum, henry varnay brut, tropical fruit caviar, and crystallized grapefruit rose.

If you make a trip to Machine for Happy Hour, take LOTS OF PHOTOS!  I know many people like to live in the moment, but you'd be crazy not to get photos of these gorgeous cocktail glasses. They're located at 1846 W Division St, Chicago, IL 60622.

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