Summer is the perfect time to find a new place for cocktails, and snacks, and fun... we found one for you in Winnebago, Bago Lounge. 

Who doesn't love a flight of colorful cocktails?

Summer means a lot of things, and if you're over 21 it means finding a place that serves fun cocktails. Margaritas, mules... maybe a Bloody Mary?

Well, if you're into any of the above let me introduce you to Bago Lounge.

They opened just a few months ago in April and I mean check out that spread... they're ready for you.

We had a chance to visit Bago Lounge for this Sunday's Good Day Stateline episode. You'll definitely want to set your DVR for 9am this Sunday to check out the episode.

You might also want to stop by the lounge.

And while lounge is in the title of the location, it's also all about the vibe. Is it a bar? Well yeah, kind of. Is it a restaurant? Not really, but there's food. It's one hundred percent a lounge.

Complete with a VIP lounge section, fun games to play and charcuterie boards, which less face it, makes it the perfect place to go on a first date or after drink cocktails.

Bago Lounge used to be a tanning salon, it's located at 817 N Elida Street in Winnebago.

Might I recommend the marg flight. Amaze.

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