Do you remember where you were one year ago?

It was a magical night for Cub fans of any age. A stressful night for sure but a magical one.

I was at home watching with my dad. He'd been a fan all his life and passed along the disease at birth. Nothing you can really do about it when you're raised on it.

Game 7 had it all. A leadoff home run by Fowler. The Indians made a valiant comeback. There was the rain delay heading into extra innings. Bryant slipping while fielding the final out. It was enough to challenge any fan's heart.

I made sure to call my 87-year-old grandma, probably the biggest fan in my family, to make sure she made it out of the game ok. She was fine, elated even.

Hopefully, I can make that same call to her a year from now. I could do without the extra innings in Game 7 though. Maybe just a 4 game sweep over the Yankees in next year's World Series. That would be just fine.

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