Should I stay or should I go? If you live in Illinois, there's a strong chance you want to go!

Paul Simon Public Policy Institute at SIU conducted a study and found that a whopping 47 percent of registered Illinois voters want to leave Illinois.

So what's the problem, you ask? Four reasons:

  • State’s taxes 27%
  • Weather 16%
  • Government  15%
  • Jobs and education 13 %
David Yepsen, director of the institute said:
Not much can be done about the weather but policy makers can do something about perceptions of the quality of services, tax competitiveness, tax fairness and educational and job opportunities. People often don’t feel they get good value for their tax dollars and with frequent stories of public corruption or the large number of governmental units, it’s no wonder why they feel that way

Interestingly, the study goes on to point out that 57% of people under 35 (millennials) want to leave. 58 % of Illinois residents between between 35 and 50 also want to leave. On the other hand, a mere 29 % of adults over age 66 want to leave Illinois.

How 'bout you? Prefer to stay or leave?