Illinois' budget impasse is nearly a year old, and while the financial future of our state is up in the air, assigning the blame for the mess is apparently not. According to a new Capitol Fax/We Ask America poll, Illinois voters think this guy is the problem.

1,231 registered voters in Illinois were asked the following question:

“The Illinois General Assembly has once again adjourned its spring session without a budget agreement – an ongoing situation that some feel is caused by a clash between Governor Bruce Rauner and Speaker Mike Madigan. Which of the two men do you believe are most responsible?"

The results are not even close. Speaker Michael Madigan caught the lion's share of blame, by 21 points, 55%-34%. 9% said both were to blame, while 2% said they were undecided.

According to a story up at Reboot Illinois,

The polling company conducted a similar survey late last month for another client. Based on that earlier polling, the firm’s principal Gregg Durham said there “seems to be a widening gap putting the Speaker in the lead in the budget blame game.” Durham noted that while Rauner enjoys “relative solidarity among Republican voters, Speaker Madigan’s numbers are comparatively soft among Democrats.” For example, 28 percent of people who have taken Democratic ballots two out of the last three cycles say Madigan is chiefly to blame. Independents blamed Madigan 49-39.

It looks like the city of Chicago is the only place in Illinois that blames the governor over the speaker. Chicago voters sided with Madigan, 52%-35%. The collar counties is where Madigan shows up the worst, as voters in those counties blame him, 64%-27%. 8% blame both, while again, 2% aren't sure.

The breakdown by gender doesn't do the speaker any favors, either. Men blame Madigan for the budget mess by a 62%-29% margin, with 7% saying both, and 1% undecided. 50% of women lay the blame at Madigan's feet, while 38% say it's Rauner's fault. 10% blame both guys, with 3% of Illinois' women undecided.

The Capitol Fax/We Ask America Poll also asked Illinois voters who they're backing in the presidential race. Hillary Clinton enjoys a 47%-35% lead over Donald Trump, while 7% said they would be voting for Libertarian Gary Johnson, and 12% are undecided.

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