Last week I posted about the latest Reboot Illinois/We Ask America poll, saying the even though the survey showed Governor Pat Quinn with a three-point lead (within the margin of error), there was good news inside the numbers for Bruce Rauner.

The poll also showed voters saying they trust Bruce Rauner more than Pat Quinn by a four-point margin. As I said, it's not a large advantage, but it had been stable across a couple of months despite an avalanche of negative ads by the Quinn campaign that try to make Rauner look like a cross between Mr. Potter and Gordon Gekko.

Now it appears a similar story emerges from the latest Chicago Sun-Times/We Ask America poll.

Brian Kersey, Getty Images

While the survey says Pat Quinn leads Bruce Rauner by about three points (again, within the margin of error), there are a couple of data points inside that paint a slightly more encouraging picture for Rauner. As the Sun Times points out:

When asked which was more important in a gubernatorial candidate, 41 percent chose having business experience, 24 percent picked a political background, 25 percent said both and 8 percent said neither.

In case you don't know by now, Rauner is a successful businessman while Pat Quinn is a political gadfly-turned-politician. Among undecided voters, perhaps that background will swing votes.

A different question asked which candidate voters consider a "reformer." The results show 37-percent described Rauner that way while just 26-percent chose Quinn. Again among undecided voters, perhaps that perspective will swing votes toward Rauner.

If the polls are accurate and voters think Rauner is more trustworthy, a bigger change agent, and also prefer his background to the Governor's...well, let's just say there's still a lot of time left in this race.