Let's say, for the purposes of illustration, that you snagged yourself a big-money Illinois lottery jackpot (although it's unlikely given the odds, it's fun to think about). I mean an over-six-figures kind of big jackpot.

Other than being completely unaware of your win, can you think of any possible scenario in which you'd just leave that pile of cash sitting in Springfield (or maybe it's in some Chicago alderman's pocket. It's Illinois, after all) until you someday got around to saying, "Oh yeah. That's my money, and I'd like it now."

Me, either. But, there are people in Illinois who've done just that.

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I can't even make a stack like this out of one-dollar bills. (Getty Images)

You Probably Already Know This, But It's Worth Mentioning To Anyone Who's Won A Cash Jackpot From The Illinois Lottery--The Lottery Is Not Going To Wait Forever For You To Come Get Your Money

Again, given Illinois' current financial condition, I'm surprised that the Illinois Lottery gives you more than 24 hours to claim your cash, but they do. Actually, it's significantly longer than one day. The Illinois Lottery points out clearly on their website that you've got one year from the date of the drawing.

They also encourage you to sign your winning lottery ticket and keep it in a safe place until you're ready to make your claim...but why would that take you an entire year to get ready?

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Take this or it's going back in my pocket! (Getty Images)

Here's The Illinois Lottery's List Of Unclaimed Jackpots That Equal Or Exceed $100,000, When The Drawing Took Place, And Where The Ticket Was Purchased

    • Powerball Jackpot: $500,000, drawn on December 15th, purchased at Shaw's Marketplace in Prophetstown
    • Lucky Day Lotto Jackpot: $350,000, drawn on November 30th, purchased at 7-Eleven in Park Ridge
    • Powerball Jackpot: $100,000, drawn on November 8th, purchased at 7-Eleven in Aurora
    • Powerball Jackpot: $100,000, drawn on November 3rd, purchased at Metamora IGA in Metamora
    • Powerball Jackpot: $150,021, drawn on June 30th, purchased at Northbrook Mobil Gas in Northbrook
    • Lotto Jackpot: $1,000,000, drawn on March 1st, purchased at Western Foster Shell, Chicago
    • Lucky Day Lotto jackpot: $200,000, drawn on February 14th, purchased at Mariano's in Evergreen Park

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