What's in a name?

Well apparently, a whole lot according to Governor Rauner.

He's renamed the executive mansion where Illinois' governors have resided since 1855. (Illinois.gov)

Governor Rauner's spokeswoman, Rachel Bold, told NBC Chicago that "the governor thought it was fitting to officially name the mansion what everyone already calls it."

The mansion formerly known as the "Executive Mansion" will be known as the "Governor's Mansion" effective July 1st.

Governor Rauner, officially signed and executive order for this name change this week.

Gee, I didn't know that was so important. Did you?

I had no idea the name of where are state's governors live was such an issue of confusion.

There are so many important things our state has to deal with and decide on, I'm so glad this one was taken care of so they can move on to bigger things.

I wish I was making this up but I'm not.

Good grief! Really?






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