The Governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner, in a recent interview said he won't support legalizing recreational marijuana in Illinois.

The state of Illinois is broke, so a big issue for the next election is how can we can out of this financial hole.

Many people feel making weed legal in our state could solve that problem.

I believe pot should be legalized in Illinois. Think about all that tax money.

One person you won't see jumping on the bandwagon is Governor Rauner.

According to,

"The governor said that he would not support the legalization of recreational marijuana in Illinois and that he had talked with public health officials and the governor of Colorado and was told there were a lot of negative consequences." 

It seems to me that Colorado is taking all those problems right to the bank with the millions of dollars that they are making in marijuana taxes.

Plus, think about how it could help out court system.

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