Literally a tradition unlike any other. 

We knew some things were going to be different when the Cubs opened their doors to fans Thursday afternoon for Opening Day. What no one ever reported on was what was going to be the situation in the men's room.

For those that are unaware, the men's bathrooms at Wrigley are pretty unique. There aren't any urinals but instead, there are troughs that line all the walls of the restroom. You find an open slot and just slide right on in. It's a pretty shocking experience when you're younger and no one has prepped you for it. At least, I'll always remember my first time walking into the trough-lined restroom. I took a look at my dad and he instantly realized that I didn't know what to do. I figured it out pretty quick, kind of a follow the leader deal, but it was 3 minutes that will always be ingrained in my memory.

It's also the site of some pretty disgusting YouTube videos.

I'm pretty sure that's how COVID-19 was started. Not a Wuhan bat. It was a Wrigleyville bro.

That's why it was nice to see that the troughs were still being used in the year 2021. Nobody thought that they would be removing them for the more solitary urinal, but it was never specified. This is the same place that forgot to put enough port-a-potties in when they were doing the bleacher renovations and things got a little messy. What I'm saying is that it wouldn't be the first time Wrigley messed up when it came to their facilities.

The dividers look good too. That must be cardboard of high stock that was obviously installed with a level and pristine craftsmanship. Only the best at the Federal Landmark.

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