The last time we checked in on Jay Cutler, he was trying to figure out what or who was killing his chickens. 

It was a wild time at the beginning of the pandemic. This was literally one of the most entertaining stories out there.

It turns out it might have been Jay the whole time because he wants to sell you freshly butchered meat to get delivered directly to your door.

Apparently, Jay has had a desire to be a butcher for a while. This is from the CUTS website:

Cutler's obsession with great steaks is nothing new, and since retiring from his football career his longtime desire to open his own butcher shop has only grown. To bring htis passion project to life, Cutler and America's premier butcher (Pat) LaFrieda are joining forces to deliver the greatest cuts of meat and poultry right to your doorstep each month.

Pat LaFrieda, if you don't know (like I did), was one of the hosts of the show MEAT MEN on The Food Network. The show centered around this butcher and his team, hunting down the best meat. Here's a look behind the scenes of his butcher shop.

The video that they released on social media is pretty great. I don't know what Jay is really bringing to the table other than his name and a bunch of big cigars but the meat looks pretty good, and they claim to be in the top 4% of all meat.

A box of meat personally curated by Jay Cutler will run you about $200 a month.

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