Week in and week out, the price for a gallon of gas keeps dropping. Most of us wish we were enjoying it more than we are.

Gas prices in the U.S. have dropped to the point that only 12 states carry an average of $2 a gallon or more. Today’s national average is $1.77, which is four cents less than last week, 28 cents cheaper than last month and $1.11 less than a year ago.

AAA-Chicago's Molly Hart:

AAA forecasts that the national average will continue to decrease into next month, possibly dropping as low as $1.65. We haven’t seen gas prices that cheap since January 2009. Some states could see minimal fluctuation at the pump in coming weeks if demand jumps as business are given the green light to re-open. However, this will not have a large impact for the majority of the nation’s motorists.

Here's the latest Illinois gas pricing, as of Monday:



Week Ago

Month Ago

One Year Ago



Chicago Metro


Chicago City












Fort Wayne, IN


South Bend IN


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