With motorcycle season in full swing, it's not a bad time to brush up on your riding skills. To that end, the Illinois Department of Transportation has announced that openings are still available in upcoming motorcycle training courses.

The Northern Illinois University Motorcycle Safety Project offers free motorcycle rider education courses at eleven locations throughout northern Illinois. Currently, slots for the Basic Riding Course are open at Rock Valley College, South Beloit High School, Jefferson High School, and Highland Community College.       


Training courses are for any Illinois resident 16 years of age or older who holds a valid automobile or motorcycle driver’s license or permit. IDOT officials say:

Although designed for the novice rider as part of the Cycle Rider Safety Training Program (CRSTP), experienced riders also can gain from the BRC training.  The course will include approximately 20 hours of instruction. Participants will receive a course textbook, seven hours of classroom instruction and 13 hours of “hands-on” cycle instruction. The Basic Riding Course will give participants the physical skills and knowledge needed to ride properly and safely.

Interested riders can call 1-800-892-9607 for more information. Details regarding additional training and program information can be viewed here.

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