A new initiative in the Land of Lincoln is hoping to accomplish the goal of bringing bluebirds back to thriving numbers, and what they are doing will be noticeable as you traverse across the state.

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According to an article from wgntv.com, the Illinois Department of Transportation aka IDOT, is going to be installing birdhouses in hopes to help Bluebirds thrive in Illinois once again. In the article they say...

"The work is part of the “Give BIRDS the ROW” initiative, which began with the installation of birdhouses for prothonotary warblers along the Lost Bridge Trail near the IDOT headquarters in Springfield. The goal of the initiative is to increase the population of diverse bird species along IDOT properties."

They go on to talk about how they hope this is just the beginning of more and more projects where they can encourage nature to thrive along IDOT's properties, to read more about this story click here! 

I love hearing stories like this one because I'm sure that there are tons of areas and spaces that IDOT has control over where they can encourage wildlife like birds to build a habitat there and it won't interfere with the work they are doing. I will say I drive along the highways in Illinois a lot on my way to and from Quincy and Chicagoland, and the rest stops are perfect places for a project like this one, being able to have the rest stops be an oasis for drivers who need a break and natural Illinois wildlife to take a break too is a unique idea!

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