We've been dealing with some extremes around here lately, haven't we? Heavy thunderstorms with power outages, a major heatwave, and now, pavement problems.

We learned all about expansion and contraction when we were in school, and now, according to a release from the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), we're going to be seeing it first hand here in Northern Illinois.

According to IDOT, extreme heat can make pavement “expand and buckle up or blow out, resulting in uneven driving surfaces.

I'm just not sure how that's any different than what we deal with during and after winter hits the Rockford area.

Think of the road-buckling as "reverse potholes."

“At IDOT, we will have the necessary staffing and materials in place to make repairs as quickly as possible,” Acting Illinois Transportation Secretary Omer Osman said. “We ask the public to stay alert and avoid driving over buckled roads, if possible, while giving our crews plenty of room to work.”

Any motorists who spot pavement blowouts can report them to IDOT by calling 800-452-4368 or contacting local law enforcement.


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