Do you Alexander Graham Bell would have ever imagined the average person's entire life rests in the palm of their hand? There's no way he would guess how important the phone would truly become 145 years later.

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If you are like me and use your phone for just about everything you might want to have a solid backup plan if it were to break. What that backup plan is exactly, I have no clue.

Cough up the extra money for insurance and find a secure cloud service and make sure your device's content is regularly saved to it because it's about to get even more important.

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Personally, I literally use my phone to run my life. Calendars, documents, photos, videos, meetings, and even digital forms of my insurance for health and my vehicle are all on my phone.

What's about to roll out in Iowa is something I'm surprised hasn't happened already.

Cursed Senses

Iowa recently began testing digital driver's licenses with some of the state's employees.

Iowa plans to test devices equipped with digital versions through December, with about 100 state Department of Transportation employees expected to enlist by spring as a test group to make sure the app works.


Before digital driver's licenses get the green light statewide Iowa Department of Transportation is working to make sure the IDs will be valid anywhere age or address verification might be required.


Also, drivers who choose (yes, it will be optional) will still be required to carry their physical license.

The cost? Apparently, there won't be a fee for the initial rollout but eventually, there will be a $5 fee when paying for the physical license. You bet when the time comes Illinois will charge more, probably double.

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