Andrew Chafin wasn't a Chicago Cub for very long, but he made quite an impression on the Wrigley faithful during his short stint on the northside.

Chafin came to the Cubs in a trade-deadline deal with the Arizona Diamondbacks during the shortened 2020 season. He was "introduced" to Cub fans during a mic'd up segment on Marquee network when he held a conversation with Boog Sciambi and Rick Sutcliff while shagging flyballs.

I would embed the video here but it seems that either the Marquee network or Major League Baseball themselves has for some reason scrubbed it from the internet. You can watch a shortened version of it here through this Facebook link. If it gets taken down after I post this, I apologize for Major League Baseball being dumb. It's really the only thing they're really good at.

He also tweeted out a request to any Cub fans selling an old beater in Chicago to sell it to him because he wanted an old car to get around Chicago in.

Cub fans pulled through for him.

He would work on the car and update how it was going on Twitter. He was just a regular dude that happened to be good at throwing a baseball.

Chafin was traded to the A's during the 2021 season, much to the dismay of many Cub fans. He's currently a free agent after declining a one-year deal with Oakland which means there's a possibility Chafin could end up back in Chicago next year, that's if they even play baseball next year.

Chafin shocked his fans on Twitter over the weekend when he posted this picture of him without his traditional curly locks.

Literally unrecognizable. Look at the side by side.

I know nothing about how curly hair works so I don't know if this is how his hair naturally is and he used to frizz it up on purpose or he put some sort of relaxer in his hair for the straight look but I have to say I much prefer the curly look.

Fortunately for Chafin, I'm not the one that matters. It seems like his wife is happy with it, which is all that really matters.

"I look like Jesus." Something tells me that he'll be back to the curly locks soon. Hopefully, he'll also be back in a Cubs uniform soon as well.

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