Everyone loves a good 80s movie, but it's even better when it's on a huge screen and you can watch it from your car!

Unless I'm forgetting something, I've only been to a drive-in movie theater once, and I can hardly remember it. I'm almost positive I went with my parents and my brother, I have a vague memory of sitting in our car watching a movie. But it was the station wagon where you sit backwards in the trunk and that was a LONG time ago.

I've also never seen "The Goonies." I know, you're yelling at me through your screen right now, I'm sorry, I promise I'll see it soon.

In fact, I could go see it next Friday night and go to a drive-in at the same time.

A Chicago drive-in is giving you the opportunity to see "The Goonies" at the drive-in September 30, for one night only.

Six Corners Drive-In on Milwaukee avenue it showing the movie for $30 a car. This is when you borrow your parents minivan and have a road trip party.