You've become to read this article so it's already obvious you're impatient behind the wheel. Don't take that at me judging because I'm either in just of a rush as you or possibly even more so. Admittedly, I'm a very impatient driver.

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I'm not as much of an impatient driver when the car is moving at the speed of the posted limit but if it's less thaxn that I'm going to blow a proverbial head gasket.

Which driver are you while stopped at a traffic light?

Are you chill and enjoying life? Are you annoyed? Are you giving the steering wheel a death grip will time slowly passes by? What about when you're stopped at the light and you're the vehicle? Are you way behind the line or snuggled up to it?

Did you know if you've crossed the white light at the intersection, usually before a crosswalk, you've technically run a red light? The same goes if you're turning left but yielding to oncoming traffic. Illinois law says you're supposed to stop behind the line until it is safe to cross the intersection. I know this from personal experience.

Red Traffic Light

There's an urban legend that claims there's a trick to getting red lights to change to green. I was reminded of this when eavesdropping while enjoying an adult beverage (or five) at a local establishment. The theory is if you're at a traffic light and it's been red for "too long" you flash your brights. This can only "work" if there is an emergency light and sensor at the intersection.

I'm for my Mythbusters moment.

This does not work. You would have to have the same infrared light that emergency vehicles. But, there is one other option of sorts but it's not a trick, it's waiting for you at select intersections.

Google Street VIew
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Sometimes you will see a rectangular shape on the pavement, these are there to trigger stoplights. They don't always work though.

You can read more about the "flash your lights" debunking here.

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