The Rockford Police Department hosted two bingo events for Seniors in the month of February. 

The turnout was so good, they're continuing it indefinitely. I had the pleasure of being the bingo caller for the first two events so I have some first-hand knowledge. Here are the five reasons you should go this week.

  1. You're a senior (if this doesn't apply to you, I'm sorry. You're just not invited)
  2. It's free!!!
  3. Great prizes. Seriously, I'm not just saying this. The prizes are pretty good.
  4. Free donuts and coffee. (If you get there early enough, you can drink it out of your free WROK coffee mug)
  5. You will get to meet me.

Now I know I could have just listed that last reason and everyone would have come but I'm working on a word count here people.

Here's the details. FREE bingo for area seniors on the first and third Friday every month from 9:30 till about 11 at District 1's new headquarters. The headquarters are at 1045 W. State Street. The game is limited to the first 80 people. We haven't hit capacity yet but we had about 50 people two weeks ago so the word is getting out about this event.

Stop by and say hi if you attend this Friday's event and good luck!

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