"Agent in Place" is the latest from NYT #1 bestselling author Mark Greaney, number seven in the series of "Gray Man" thrillers.

I first got into Mark Greaney's "Gray Man" series about six months ago. I had finished the latest Jack Reacher installment from Lee Child, and was looking for something in the action/adventure/espionage/international intrigue genre. After reading a few reviews, I picked up the first book, "The Gray Man," and like eating potato chips, there was no way I could stop with just one! I began knocking out one after the other, until I had finished them all.

Then, the waiting began for the next one in the series, "Agent in Place." It's been out for about a week, and I'm 75% of the way through it. Like all of Greaney's offerings, this one grabs hold of you and won't let go.

Here's Mark telling me about himself and his latest, "Agent in Place."

If you've never read any of Mark's books, grab "The Gray Man," and thank me later.

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