Warning: Somewhat graphic content.

The video above shows a man from southern India, reportedly a distraught father, dragging a king cobra from its hiding spot and slamming it to death on the ground, with no concern for his own safety.

There can be no pain greater than seeing your child die in front of your own eyes. In such a situation, many have been driven to take extreme steps, but what this man — from seemingly the southern part of India — does, will shock anyone.
After his son was bitten by a King Cobra, this man — reportedly in a fit of rage — took it upon himself to avenge his son’s death by hunting down the perpetrator, and venting out his anger on the creature. While some have condemned the act, calling it cruelty against a helpless animal, others were awed by the fantastical nature of the video.

As someone who despises the very idea of animal cruelty, I've got to admit that if the reason for the attack on the cobra is indeed the loss of the man's son, I'm pretty much okay with his retribution.



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