Father Kills King Cobra with his Bare Hands
Warning: Somewhat graphic content.
The video above shows a man from southern India, reportedly a distraught father, dragging a king cobra from its hiding spot and slamming it to death on the ground, with no concern for his own safety.
From Indian Express:
There can be no pain greater than seeing your c…
How an Elephant Says “Go Away!”
From an old joke book I found in my desk drawer:
Q: How do you stop a charging elephant?
A: Take away his credit cards
I'll pause whilst you compose yourself. Did I mention that the joke is from the "elephant jokes" section of the book...
Reporter Fends Off Cicada Attack
What is it with news anchors/reporters/meteorologists and bugs? Some of the best "news blooper" footage contains scattered incidences of the insect world screwing up folks who are just doing their level best to share some information with you...
Hungry Hippo Chases Boat
Pop quiz, hotshot. The most dangerous animal in Africa is:
a) Lion
b) Crocodile
c) Elephant
d) Rhino
e) Hippo
Of course, it's the hippo. According to About Travel:
The hippo is responsible for more human fatalities in Africa than any other large animal...