Father Kills King Cobra with his Bare Hands
Warning: Somewhat graphic content.
The video above shows a man from southern India, reportedly a distraught father, dragging a king cobra from its hiding spot and slamming it to death on the ground, with no concern for his own safety.
From Indian Express:
There can be no pain greater than seeing your c…
Did Something Explode on Mars?
The above footage has launched some very heated debates about what may or may not have happened on our favorite neighborhood red planet.
Taken last year by an Indian space probe, the photos appear to show a giant explosion. Some conspiracy theorists believe it to be a nuclear explosion, or the testin…
Follow Up to Yesterday’s Tweet [Video]
Yesterday afternoon, my daughter Molly handed me her phone, saying, "Dad, have you seen this?"
This is what I saw:
Wow. I found it interesting enough to tweet the video out to our listeners. And, like you perhaps, I got to thinking, "There must be an interesting story behind…