And no, the tradition we're talking about here isn't getting blackout drunk in the parking lot. But that, of course, will still be taking place. We are still talking about Wisconsin.

No, the tradition we're talking about here has been happening before the fourth quarter of University of Wisconsin football and basketball games for almost a quarter of a century.

Jumping Around.

The drunkest of Madison residents have been jamming out the the House of Pain classic to celebrate the beginning of the fourth quarter since 1998. - “Jump Around” has been synonymous with Wisconsin for nearly a quarter century. The song was first used at the October 10, 1998, Homecoming game. When he could no longer play, injured tight end and marketing intern Ryan Sondrup ‘99 was tasked with creating a playlist of popular songs to use during lulls in the game. From that list, Prandall (Wisconsin assistant AD) randomly chose the 1992 House of Pain hit, and the student section went wild.

A rumor has recently been floating around the internet that Wisconsin was going to have to stop using "Jump Around" because House of Pain issued a cease-and-desist order for them to stop playing it.

This rumor appears to have been started by an April Fool's article written by the University of Wisconsin Alumni website.

To be fair, this is a very good April Fool's joke. It was harmless, fairly unique, and no one got hurt. A rarity when it comes to April Fool's jokes.

Keep jumping Wisconsin, it's just a joke.

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