It only took a year for this video to take off but it's here and so are the tears, the tears of laughter.

This hilarious video was uploaded to Twitter just a few days ago, but the video had been shot nearly a year ago.

Why the wait? According to USA Today, now high school freshman Mackenna Kroge "allowed her friend, Lexi Cornelius, to post the short video on Twitter this past weekend. It became a viral sensation, with more than 22,000 retweets and 23,000 likes."

I've seen it all over Facebook too. It was posted this Monday with the title, "How's Your Monday Going?"

Thankfully, Kroge has a sense of humor regarding the video who told NY Mag,  "she’s not embarrassed by her face-plant since the video was taken so long ago — and, you know, virality can mend many wounds."

With the exception of stinging defeat, Kroge came in last that day. However, she has managed to win the internet today.

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