Having two highly savvy internet surfers as children keeps me fairly well plugged-in to the latest and/or greatest stuff flying around online. These two usually already know about a video or photo or song long before it goes viral.

And, really, "going viral" is what it's all about. Especially when you read about some of the money being made online by people who've figured out how to capture the world's attention with a video. A few million hits/views here and there, and the next thing you know, you're an internet star raking in the cash.

Unless, of course, your viral hit turns out to be a viral hoax. Lots of people fill up the comments section with accusations of fraud and fakery. Some times they're right, other times, they're just being snarky.

Let's take a look at some viral vids that were (correctly) accused of being fakes:



If you can't count on the internet for the straight up truth, what can you count on?

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