Just a quick reminder that we can't have anything nice anymore. 

WGNNews - A man from surburban Indianapolis is charged with spiking Sweet Tarts with illegal drugs. Police recovered more than a thousand pieces of tainted candy. Investigators say there's nothing in the candies' appearance that would raise suspicion, but there's no question the candies had drugs in them.

No word on if this guy was planning on distributing these to unknowing kids or it was just his way of selling something like Ecstasy, but you might want to keep an eye on what your kids are bringing home.

This story did make me think of when we were kids we would crush up Smarties and pretend it was cocaine. Did we know what cocaine was? Nope. D.A.R.E. never told us what it was, just that it was bad.

In other news kids are dumb. At least we didn't do this with our Smarties.

Now I just want some candy.

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