If you are in your back yard and you spot one of these, be on alert. They don't belong here and are very destructive.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) is asking Illinois residents to report any sightings of Gypsy Moths. So what could be so bad about these cute fuzzy creatures?

The IDNR says that Gypsy Moths do not belong in Illinois or in North America for that matter, but there have been sightings around the country. They can destroy lots of things, including your trees! The Gypsy Moth is responsible for millions of acres of defoliation annually. If you have an Oak Tree, look out. The Oak tree is the Gypsy Moth's favorite.

These creatures are native to parts of Europe, Asia, and northern Africa. Depending on the time of the year, the Gypsy Moth will appear differently.


These little guy like to eat a lot. The IDNR says:

A single gypsy moth caterpillar can consume 11 square feet of vegetation during its lifetime so the presence of millions of caterpillars can severely affect trees and forests.


Although it usually takes more than one year of defoliation before trees die, conifers that are defoliated may be killed after a single season of defoliation. The Gypsy moth has one generation per year, and includes egg, caterpillar, pupae and adult stages

If you spot a Gypsy Moth in any stage of life, you are asked to report it to the Illinois Department of natural Resources by calling 1-800-296-MOTH (6684)

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