The death of malls across the country is coming and if you look around town it's already taken some casualties.

The footage above is from listener Dan Anderson. He's been taking his new toy around town and getting some great footage of some spots around town. This one spoke to me.

What you're looking at in the video is where Machesney Park Mall used to be. Is "used to be" the right phrase? The building is still there. There's a Burlington Coat Factory and I'm pretty sure the Bergners is still there. The mall part however, has been gone for some time now.

This hit me right in the nostalgia bone. I used to hit up that mall all the time as a teenager. Many movies were seen in the two (2!) theaters it had. I spent more than a few quarters at the arcade and who could forget everyone's favorite place for a pita, Olga's.

That's all gone now. The parking lot is perpetually empty and really nothing remains but memories.

There's a lot of talk about what should go in the place of Clock Tower when they tear it down. This prime bit of reality could use a similar shake up. I'm not sure what should go in there but anything would be less depressing than what you're seeing in the drone video above.

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