To paraphrase the late, great Mitch Hedberg, I used to drink when I was younger--I still do, but I used to, too.

Like many, as I've gotten older, I've cut way, way back on my consumption of alcoholic beverages after finally figuring out that we (the booze and me) just aren't as compatible as we once were. Nowadays, I drink the about same amount over the course of a year that I used to consume weekly.

And, in the interests of full disclosure, I'll have to say that the alcoholic beverage that Illinoisans order the most wasn't even really on the scene back when we radio guys were doing our best to deplete Illinois' overall liquor supplies.

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We'll take two alcohols please, and we don't care what it is. (Getty Images)

The Best Way To Figure Out What Each State's Residents Are Grooving To At Their Favorite Bars Or Restaurants Is To Ask Those Bars and Restaurants What People Are Routinely Drinking

That's what Toast, an all-in-one digital platform built for restaurants, did to come up with their answers as to what each state's most-ordered alcohol-based drinks might be:

To better understand alcohol trends in restaurants, Toast analyzed how the popularity of select drinks and spirits varied for restaurants on the Toast platform from state to state. Toast analyzed the sale of beer, wine, cider, hard seltzer, and spirits: vodka, tequila, whiskey, gin, rum, and brandy.

The most popular alcoholic beverage in the United States is beer, even if it's not the most-ordered drink in every state. You'd think that Wisconsin, often described as the drunkest state in America, would lead the nation in beer-drinking, but they don't. That title goes to Minnesota, where they drink 50% more beer than the national average.

Here in Illinois, our most-ordered alcoholic beverage is:

One of these. (Getty Images)
One of these. (Getty Images)
Or, one of these. (Getty Images)
Or, one of these. (Getty Images)

Here In The Land Of Lincoln, We Really Like Hard Seltzer And Order A Lot Of It

According to the Toast study, Ohio holds the title of hard seltzer capital of the country, followed by Massachusetts, then Illinois.

Here in Illinois, if someone was ordering an alcoholic beverage, it was very likely to be a hard seltzer. Toast found that, on average, Ohio establishments sold 160% more hard seltzers than restaurants in other states. Selling the second-highest rate was Massachusetts at 109% more, and Illinois came in third at 92%.

What Are the Signature Drinks From Every State?

LOOK: Best Beers From Every State

To find the best beer in each state and Washington D.C., Stacker analyzed January 2020 data from BeerAdvocate, a website that gathers user scores for beer in real-time. BeerAdvocate makes its determinations by compiling consumer ratings for all 50 states and Washington D.C. and applying a weighted rank to each. The weighted rank pulls the beer toward the list's average based on the number of ratings it has and aims to allow lesser-known beers to increase in rank. Only beers with at least 10 rankings to be considered; we took it a step further to only include beers with at least 100 user rankings in our gallery. Keep reading to find out what the best beer is in each of the 50 states and Washington D.C.

Gallery Credit: Angela Underwood

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