Everyone is being forced to shop online more and more, but with scammers, bad return policies, and just not trusting the online retail stores, why not get out to shop at the Best Mall in the Land of Lincoln?

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According to the website thingstodopost.org, the best Mall in the state of Illinois is none other than Water Tower Place in Downtown Chicago. The website listed the 10 Best Shopping Malls in Illinois and Water Tower Place beat out Woodfield Mall, and Fox Valley Mall to claim the top spot, what makes Water Tower Place such a special shopping experience? On the site they say...

"Water Tower Place is Chicago's premier shopping destination. Its stunning eight-level atrium features more than 100 of your favorite stores and restaurants plus a mix of distinctive specialty shops and boutiques. It offers a unique, high-energy urban shopping experience you simply won't find anywhere else in the city."

To see the full list of Best Malls in Illinois for yourself click here! 

I lived in Chicago for years and have to agree with this ranking Water Tower Place is fantastic, great food options there while you shop, and it is the northern end of the Mag Mile shopping district.

You may love to shop online and that is great for you, but I still would always rather shop in person, I hate the online return processes, and the fact that you don't get to see and touch the product before buying it doesn't sit well with me. I can rarely buy clothes online unless it is something I have already bought in person and know it will work, I know that malls are dying but I will continue to shop in person for as long as I can.

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