This morning on the WROK Morning Show, our friend David Anderson, from Anderson Japanese Gardens, stopped by to fill us in on a really cool cultural event going on this weekend in the gardens.

The Japanese Summer Festival, a celebration of traditional cultural arts, is going on both Saturday and Sunday at Anderson Japanese Gardens. For anyone wishing to improve their knowledge of Japanese culture, or if you're just looking for a wonderfully entertaining event for the whole family in a beautiful setting, you won't want to miss out.

David Anderson tells us that the Japanese Summer Festival is full of great activities both inside and outside, and most of the festival activities are included with your regular garden admission, with a small fee required for tea ceremony participation.

Here's a look at the lineup of events and activities:


  • Rock River Bonsai Society Exhibit
  • Raku Pottery – Demonstration and displays
  • Origami – Hands-on demonstrations of Japanese art of paper folding
  • Fukuwarai Activity – Traditional Japanese holiday game
  • Falconry Display 
  • Satsuma Button Craftsman-Japanese ceramic button display
  • Samurai Warrior Costumes– try on costume for a great photo opportunity
  • Artezanato Studio Festival Vendor– items will be for sale
  • Ohio Kimono Festival Vendor– items will be for sale
  • Origami Inspired Artwork by Meagan Weber
  • Japanese Doll Collection


  • Ho Etsu Taiko Drum Performance – Japanese drum ensemble
  • Bujinkan performances – Traditional Japanese martial arts
  • Koto Performances– Japanese stringed instrument
  • Awa Odori Chicago– Traditional Japanese Dance
  • Ms. Seiran Chiba– Calligrapher from Japan
  • Koi Whispererinteractive program about koi
  • Takaaki Saida– Fifth Generation Stonesmith from Japan
  • Akihiro Mashimo– Bamboo Fence Maker from Japan
  • Teru Teru Bozu– Traditional handmade doll
  • Zen Garden Raking

Here's a look at last year's festival:

For more information on the Japanese Summer Festival at Anderson Japanese Gardens, click here.