Doc Emrick is literally the best. 

The NHL held its outdoor game over the weekend. It took place in Lake Tahoe. It was beautiful.

The only drawback to the game was that it was a little sunnier than they had predicted and it caused some ice problems. They had to delay the game for more than 8 hours later that night.

The extra time gave NBC some time to air this Doc Emrick special to a large audience that was expecting to see a hockey game. Unfortunately, Doc Emrick The Voice of Hockey doesn't seem to be streaming anywhere right now. I'm sure NBC or one of their affiliates will be airing it again soon. Check your local listings.

The whole thing was excellent. From fellow sportscasters and athletes talking about their favorite Doc-isms to Doc talking about the early years in hockey. The movie makes you appreciate the, debatably, greatest announcer of our generation even more.

This clip of him talking about Patrick Kane's cup-clinching goal was my favorite part. This was a moment that any Chicago sports fan, knows exactly where they were and what they were thinking when this happened. I was at my buddy Brian's house, I'm pretty sure it was a weekday. When Patrick Kane started celebrating, we had no idea what was going on. Brian claims that he saw it go in live but I'm pretty sure he's lying. There were a few beverages had that night.

I loved how Emrick had this goal immediately locked and loaded for the question. You could tell that it has bothered him for the past decade. He did a good job on the second try, but the original is the one we'll all remember.


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