A few days ago on Twitter, this announcement was posted:

"Parents: if you live in town and your kids want a quick water gun fight, do the following: Draft a new private tweet, tag @DixonPolice, include a picture of your gladiators (er, kids we mean), and where we can find you."

And, with that Twitter posting, the fun in Dixon began.

According to a piece in Newsday:

The police officers then visited kids around town armed with water guns. They shared photos and video on Twitter and Facebook of the kids and officers exchanging squirts of water from brightly-colored water guns.

"Due to the success of the day, we will make serious efforts at doing something similar again in the future!" Dixon Police tweeted. "Whether it's water guns or real firearms, practicing gun safety is always a top priority!"


The Dixon Police Department posted the video on their Facebook page, and as of Thursday morning, the video had been viewed nearly 5 million times.

Kudos to some really cool cops making the most out of a really hot day.