Rockford's Kate Foster got the experience of a lifetime when she was chosen by the NFL and St. Jude to make the Chicago Bears 2nd round pick at the 2017 NFL Draft in Philadelphia this past weekend, but then Roger Goodell and a bunch of peeps on social media ruined it.

Kate Foster got the honor to make this special announcement from the Bears due to the NFL's partnership with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Kate and her family are proud Bears fans, so you can only imagine how excited this opportunity was for them. Kate looked as beautiful and poised as she always does, and she did an AWESOME job with the announcement. (Watch the entire announcement here) Kate received a standing ovation, but all people seem to want to talk about is whether or not the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wiped a booger on Kate's back as they were leaving the stage. Seriously?!? This infuriates me.

Honestly, I don't know what makes me more mad; that NFL fans seem to be more focused on this booger stupidness than Kate's awesomeness, or that most headlines I read about this story refer to Kate as a "One-legged Handicapped girl". 

Maybe I am ultra-sensitive to this because I know Kate's cancer story and how darn much she has had to endure and overcome in her last 18 years. I know that the comments on social media are mostly dissing Roger Goodell, but I hate that Kate is associated with this.

Here's the situation some on social media are referring to as "boogergate".



For the record, I don't think he purposefully smeared a booger on Kate's back, but I can see how it seems that way. What do you think?


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