Anthony Rizzo has been pretty quiet about when he and his fiancè Emily Vakos were going to get married. Did he spill the beans this weekend on Instagram?

It's all speculation right now but that picture sure looks like two people who just got married.

We can't see her dress so we can't tell if it's a wedding dress she's wearing but Anthony is definitely wearing a tux.

The only other explanation for that would be if he was standing up in a wedding over the weekend. That's fully believable since he's in his mid-twenties and if you remember your twenties you know that you had on average 3 weddings a month it seemed like.

Of course, there is another explanation out there. They could just be messing with millions of people who are looking to break this story. I could see that, Rizzo has a little bit of a jokester in him.

Married or not I just can't wait to see him and the rest of the Cubs tear it up next year. If you'd like to get a sneak peek of Rizzo and the rest of the boys make sure you join the station when we head out to Mesa this March for Spring Training. You can find all the details here. 

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