Are you feeling tired? Do you have a headache? Experiencing stomach "issues"? Let's hope you it's not because you got bit by a tick.

Yes, there's another new disease-ridden bug to worry about, and it can be found in ticks. According to WIFRHeartland Virus was first discovered in Missouri back in 2009 nine. Since then it's been linked to 30 cases, including multiple deaths. Illinois Department of Public Health has reported a case south of Chicago.

A resident of Kankakee recently tested positive for Heartland virus. And while there is no treatment, doctors can treat some of the symptoms.

Officials say symptoms can include "fever, headaches, fatigue, muscle aches, and diarrhea." Symptoms have been reported to begin two weeks after the bite. You should seek medical attention if you think you've got Heartland virus.

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