Grandpa Rossy has decided it's time to give back. 

In a gesture to say thanks for getting him through to the next round David Ross is giving away a pair of tickets to text week's taping of Dancing With The Stars. You'll have to find your own way to Southern California but that would be a nice little vacation right now.

All you have to do is RT his tweet with your reason why you deserve it.

I'm really thinking about pulling the cancer card on this one. I don't use it lightly but this seems to be the right time.

Did watching the Cubs win the World Series make going through chemo easier? No. To be honest, outside from the occasional vomiting and having to wear a stocking cap for three months because I was freezing with my bald head, it really wasn't that bad. But I think I can sell it. You know a desperate times, desperate measures type of deal.

Shooters shoot. Let's win some tickets.


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